Skype 5.0 download for mac os x

Skype 5 for Mac out of beta, group video calling part of Premium subscription.

Skype has released the latest version of its communication software; it's out of beta and ready for download. The beta version of Skype 5 for Mac has been available for a little while now, but this is the final version they've settled on, featuring a more minimal interface with simpler views, less whitespace and more information about contacts and communications all condensed in one place. New users get to use the service for free for seven days, so if you just want to try it out, you can do that.

Unfortunately, a lot of the feedback on this version so far has been pretty negative, but many of the complaints we saw were about the extra whitespace and window size issues, so maybe this latest version will fix most problems. Skype is available as a free download from the website, and of course Skype Credit and Premium services are an extra charge.

Source: TUAW. View: Introducing the new version of Skype for Mac - latest entry on the Skype blog. Download: Skype 5.

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Before anyone asks: Yes, the final of Skype 5 offers only the single-window UI. Unlike in the Windows version there is no way to alternatively switch to the multiple window UI of previous versions. Does anyone know if it includes full screen video chat mode? I went back to Skype 4 just for that feature. Edit: Apparently they did add it watched the Youtube video.


Still not sure I want to use it yet I don't think a single window UI is a bad idea. However, this single window UI is horribly executed.

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There's just too much wasted space. I don't understand the Skype team..

Download Skype Beta Windows Version

Because Mac is a smaller market, and it requires different code? I don't see what's hard to understand about that. If that maybe so, then why was it hinted that they where going to release it in the Beta but then removed it? Taking a closer look at the Windows version, Skype's interface doesn't seem to work on either platform.

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  4. Skype for Mac OS X v5. Description Info All versions Reviews Discussion. Skype is a free, mega popular Net voice call software that uses P2P technology to provide low bandwidth usage combined with high audio quality. The software has been developed by the same guys who created the original Kazaa P2P application but they don't run Kazaa anymore , but without anything "shady" in it -- Skype simply takes the idea of P2P networks and extends it into Net phone calls and instant messaging.

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    Date added 16 Aug See some of Skype for Mac Beta's features in action in Skype's official video for the launch:. Skype 5. The A.