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Avoid the ransom note look by only using one or at most two fonts per flyer. Don't get too creative. If you're going to use an unusual type, use it only in your attention-grabbing headlines. Use a more conventional look for blocks of text to make it more readable. Don't forget white space. Just as people like their personal space, the elements on your flyer need room to breathe too.

Leave a margin along the edges of your paper and between elements like images and text.

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Execute your concept well. When it comes to copy, less is more. Make sure you edit your copy until it is both attention grabbing and informative.

Avoid embarrassing spelling mistakes, typos, and grammatical errors. Top reasons SmartDraw is the ideal software for creating flyers for real estate: Our templates are PDF files that live on your desktop. Access them anytime you want.

Two ways to get started

No need for an Internet connection or special logins. Simply open your Turnkey flyers template folder and start marketing. You can even save each template onto a flash drive and create a flyer no matter where you are. This means you can make it on a Mac and edit it on a PC seamlessly. Our customers are everywhere.

53 Templates for $95

Our templates are being used in every continent on the planet well, except Antarctica. Your Company Not Listed?

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No Problem. Turnkey Flyers are compatible with any language supported by Adobe Reader. Turn-Key Flyer Templates are designed to be visually attractive. This is why we spend a lot of time designing fresh new themes.

Real Estate Flyer Templates for MAC USERS!!! - Turnkey Flyers

The theory here is: We focus on highlighting the property as well as the agent. Magazine standard is dpi, so are TurnKey Flyer templates. Some say our templates are over-engineered. You can do that. We design with brand color in mind. Color themes play a big part in our templates.

We have a wide variety of color themes to fit all listings or brands. The 2nd most important part of a listing flyer is the Realtor. Advertise your Facebook, Twitter, or Listingbook profiles, as well as your website.

Create great-looking real estate flyers, brochures, and more in minutes

Every listing is different. Choose a theme that fits for a polished, coordinated, and tailored marketing campaign.

Check out all 53 flyer designs in the Top Producer package:. Download a Free Sample Flyer We'll prove how easy it is Create a flyer in 10 minutes with a point-and-click template. Print at home or at the office. Email to prospects. Flyers should be this easy. The most powerful templates on the market are all yours. No problem You can market yourself Being creative with your marketing is what separates the good from the great brokers!

These extra pages are designed to market you, your property, and the surrounding neighborhood. Very easy to use.. I just did 9 [flyers] in about an hour..

Great time saver and the look is still there!! Really easy to use. Creates professional flyers. Your clients, your broker, and your business will thank you for these. These are the best, most valuable, tool you can have for your business. Reusable on all your listing. Present a clean, fresh, and professional look. Distinguishes you from your competitors.