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Most professionals have at least a handful of unread emails in their inbox, so the messages they do read should be easy to digest at a glance.

Longwinded emails need visual aids to help readers do this, and image files are your most versatile option for uploading images into the email body. How-to's can be hard to follow without visual supplements, and the steps you're explaining aren't always readily available in picture form.

How to Print Screen on a Mac

Take a screenshot of what you're referring to, adding arrows and boxes to emphasize the parts of the image that are most important to the instruction you're describing. Example: "the publish button can be found here Mac computers make taking a screenshot fairly easy. Keep in mind when taking a screenshot, you have four options:.

When taking a screenshot of your entire screen, be sure to arrange the contents of your computer screen with exactly what you want to take a screenshot of.

How to screenshot on a Mac

If you have a second monitor connected to your Mac, the resulting screenshot will produce two separate image files for each monitor. When taking a screenshot of just part of your screen, you don't have to worry about the contents' arrangement, as long as what you want to capture is fully visible on your monitor.

In any of the four processes above, your mouse cursor will not be visible. Let's dive into each option above, one at a time. In addition to the above keyboard shortcuts, you can also take a screenshot using a little-known application that's native to your Mac computer: Grab. Here's how to use it:. Keep in mind that newer versions of Macbook Pro that include the Touch Bar have screenshot options that allow you to take "Entire Screen," "Selected Portion," and even specific "Window" screenshots -- just like you would using the Grab application the instructions of which are described above.

How to Take Screenshots in OS X

With the Screenshot icon enabled on your Touch Bar, you can simply tap this icon -- which looks like a camera -- and select the type of screenshot you want to take. Once you've taken a screenshot on your Mac, you it's time to get fancy.

How to Print Screen to the Clipboard on a Mac

I do most of my screenshot editing in Keynote , a presentation tool that usually comes standard with a Mac. Apple Preview also works quite well to crop and annotate screenshots with text and shapes. Here's how you'd edit your screenshot using either software:. The possibilities are virtually endless, and there are plenty of other image editing tools out there, too.

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Ready to add visuals to your presentation, email, or article? Your next screenshot awaits. Originally published Jun 23, PM, updated August 10 Contact Us. This will save a copy of your screen to the clipboard awaiting other actions. Step 2 : the mouse pointer will turn into a crosshair, use it to select the region you are interested in capturing. Step 3 : the spacebar will let you take a full-screen capture.

The selection will be copied to the clipboard. If you have no time to memorize keyboard shortcuts, you can use Grab. This program is pre-installed on all Macs and will assist you in creating screenshots from the menu bar. Grab can let you take time-delayed screenshots in case you want to set the stage before you start.

Step 1 : launch Grab from the utilities housed within the applications folder. Once launched, its icon will display in your dock, you can also pin this icon for quicker access later. Step 2 : you can either use the Capture menu system or the keyboard shortcuts detailed alongside the respective command. Grab gives you the option to capture screenshots on a Mac of the entire screen, an individual window, or a selection of the window. You can do this with a time delay of ten seconds.

This gives you some time to properly position your mouse or open the right window before the shot is taken. For creating instructions out of screenshots, the arrow tool will come in particularly useful. There's also the option to highlight text in different colours, strikethrough some text, add notes and type some text into boxes.

If you use a Windows keyboard with your Mac, you can still use the keyboard shortcuts listed above.

How to Print Screen to the Clipboard on a Mac

Back to School Set a countdown The options menu also provides the option of a 5- or second timer between you initiating a screenshot capture and it happening. Capture video with sound Recordings are soundless by default. Screenshot options You no longer need to use a Terminal command to choose where Mac screenshots are saved!

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  5. Remember last selection For modes that capture just part of the desktop, leave 'Remember Last Selection' turned on to grab the same area each time, or turn it off if you prefer to select an area from scratch. Change the default format and save location of screenshots If you're using a version of macOS earlier than macOS Mojave, then follow these instructions to change the type and location of the files.

    To change the location enter in the following command: defaults write com. How to take a screenshot on a Mac using a Windows keyboard If you use a Windows keyboard with your Mac, you can still use the keyboard shortcuts listed above.