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When you open the app you should see a box with the name of your movie. This worked for me on many movies, and I was able to even see the title menu and navigate to chapters, scene selection, pt 1, pt2, etc, just as you would on a normal tv. The hitch came when I put in a blu ray disc for a tv show, instead of a movie. I get no menu at all, it simply just plays the first episode immediatley.

For me, as soon as I watch or skip past the first episode on the disc, it reruns that episode. This app is great for watching movies even though it may be frustrating to work at first, but it is terrible for watching tv shows as their is no menu for those. Sometimes it shows you a file-select dialog, and he may have tried to open one of the internal files rather than just clicking Open. The program plays just fine for me, with one glaring exception; it seems unable to access the disc menu.

It just starts playing the main feature. Thus, I was unable to access the Special Features that are included on most all discs these days. This apparently free player is amazing since it functions just like a stand alone BD player. If you experience a faulty product or an item that has been incorrectly supplied, we promise to rectify the issue as quickly as possible. Every Clickspot Australia employee is dedicated to meeting the commitments above and to exceeding your expectations. We are working very hard to serve you better and listen carefully to your feedback.

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Macbook Pro Mid - View All Accessories. You can get an increased level of storage from a BluRay disc format, as compared to what a DVD format can offer.

This is important when you have quite a large file to store such as a bunch of movies, music, and data. With the USB 2.

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Thus, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the security of your data. We like how easy it is to use this external BluRay drive. In fact, upon logging on to Vudu and inserting our BluRay disc, the reading process is done instantly. Completing our movie conversions has never been this fast and easy with this robust and efficient drive.

If you need a dependable BluRay player and DVD external drive, then you can get these in this nifty unit. Just connect the external drive using the USB 3. Simply plug and play without having to use a driver or AC adapter.

6 Best External Bluray Drives 2018

Downloading of the drivers is not a problem with this device. With the impressive USB 3. There are also 2 USB ports included, and these should be sufficient in providing you with a good amount of power supply that you need. This product features the USB 3. The choice is completely up to you, but either way, you can expect total satisfaction from the results you will get.

There is no hint of poor construction of cheap materials used on the drive, which means this product can last for a long time with proper care and maintenance. Just the overall feel and look of this external BluRay drive should impress any user. There is no loud noise generated unlike with other external drives. With a slim profile, this BluRay writer by Pioneer looks as sleek and elegant as it can get.

Design-wise, it features a chic silver color that goes well with your Macbook laptop or computer. However, the software only works on Mac OS, so it will not function with Windows. In case you have a Windows device, additional software must be used. If you want to playback a movie, but your disc has some scratches or fingerprints, you can do so using the PowerRead feature. As for the Auto Quiet Mode, this reduces noise when you listen to music or watch a movie by adjusting the speed of disc rotation.