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Been trying all night. Can leave it go for an hour and process still stuck at either 8. Results are the same using the terminal command as from Disk Maker X 5. If its not one error it is another…. The disk could not be created because of an error: An error occured: I go through the whole process and have tried it several times and the same statement comes up before saying its done.

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Since I used my keyboard hub Mac Pro , decided to try with the USB directly attached to the back of my Mac: still same error; so, since I also happen to have Note: since this years later, maybe this is just for another reader? So why not still post, especially since some of the older Intel chips are limited to El Capitan I have been trying several times to make a bootable drive out of a 64 gb drive and I continue to get the error message below.

Same problem here. Everything appears to be ok USB drive shows bootable, etc. I did this, but every time I boot my Mac up with the flash drive, it goes straight to Recovery Mode. Safe to clean install El Capitan… saw there was an update in the app store and reviews trash the new update… will all these random issues affect the clean install? Hi there.

OS X El Capitan upgrade from USB-stick - Hacker's ramblings

I keep getting this after entering the code and my password. Any thoughts? Should I try another usb?

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Thanks in advance. I think I know why the installer takes so freaking long to make a usb key. If you open up activity monitor and watch the speed at which it writes to the USB key you will probably see it is terribly slow. Mine measures around 4. I have tried many many things and it was stuck at around 35KBps before I disabled Spotlight. I have tried multiple keys and all, but after about 40 mins it did finally finish. Open a new Finder window 2. Watch the file size change. I did not downloaded the file at the apple store but a torrent, so I only have the installESD.

Did you specifically download the El Capitan Installer onto your computer into your applications folder? Hit continue if you want to download a full copy of the Installer. Then your computer will automatically launch the Installer program on your computer. Just copy the El Capitan installer, without changing its name, to the Application folder. Copy and paste the terminal command lines and run it in Terminal 3. Enter a password and wait for the done word. Very simple and worked. Mine was reset to went I unplugged my battery. I tried the method you recommend with terminal and i also used Diskmaker X5.

For both ways, the system went thru the entire copying process. Will it work on latest MacBook pro Apple service centre says macs need to download individually and cant be done using bootable usb. Arno thanks dude! The problem was that the installer was ready to roll and therefore the command was failing, so I quit it. I also restated my machine and then it worked! Slow…but steady on a 8GB Flash Drive. The error is caused by the El Capital installer having a hold on the file.

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Just close it Cmd-tab to see it and restart the operation. In case this helps anyone, I was getting a similar error and found that simply using a different flash drive corrected the problem. Terminal gave me this message:. Tried changing capitalization to see if that helped. Try this one if the drive is named ElCapitan:.

I had to name my drive ElCapitan as well. For some reason even when I copy and paste the computer is responding command not found. Bit confused here.

How to Clean Install macOS / OS X Without a USB Drive

Then I boot the mac that needs the clean install, I press option, startup options appear. Hi guys, thanks for the guide but I have a issue. Does someone knows how to resolve this issue? You probably have an OS X build mismatch. The build that is assigned to the image you create with this workflow depends on when you downloaded the el cap install app from the app store.

Since el cap is the newest release, Apple is still releasing new builds in the App Store. If this is the case, can this be changed or adapted to work with the option boot mac?

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  7. Terminal is stuck on copying installer files to disk. Has been copying for over 30 mins and still has not finished. Is it supposed to take this long to copy the files? Chandan, there is a mention in the article about how long it takes to build the installer drive for OS X El Captain:.

    Same here, ejected USB ,plugged it back and relaunch terminal, it should work, also relaunch finder. I downloaded El Capitan last night, but when I try install it I get a crash error report. It seems to be stuck in a loop every time I reboot or try again.

    Creating Bootable Apple OS X 10.11 El Capitan USB Drive

    How can I solve this? Oh,it is a trouble! The original downloaded installer works fine. I read your article on this issue which says to change the time settings, but there are no time settings when booting off the flash drive. Been searching everywhere for this nugget of information! I assumed it had failed because it was out running errands and it still said copying when I got back so I quit Terminal and tried again to the same effect.

    I have made the installer flash drive.

    Formatting Your USB Flash Drive

    After the install finished my settings and files were still there. What did I do wrong?? Thank you for the clear and easy instructions. Even though I have a fast internet at home, my office is blocking Apple updates because of the heavy bandwidth being used since the iPhones were released. They will unblock this later, but for now, there is no other way to update. Also, a friend has no wifi at home, and uses her Mac tethered to her phone. Great article.

    Most difficult part here is creation of bootable disk. I guess there have to be a sign too. Each flash drive, external disk, device connected to your Mac may be considered a volumne. So, to achieve that: HD hybrid crash. Have time machine backup. Have just Restore data from time machine backup when I have time. Your account may not have sudo access — you may not be an administrator of your Mac. Is parental controls or some kind of mobile device management running on your Mac? Thanks for the reply. Actually, the Mac is mine; bought it last year, with OS already on it.