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This is totally normal and should have been phased out long ago. Anyone who bought a 32bit machine should have known they were going to do this eventually. Nothing is going to hurt software development since it will only require You will just miss out on a totally bit environment. Big deal, get over it!! En principio los requerimientos de […]. People have reported on the forums that that machine is running developer preview of Mountain Lion just fine.

You might be ok. Remember the same issue with Lion? Smells to me like Apple is becoming another Microsoft. Only in this case MS is the one being conservative, instead of reckless.

I am still not happy with Lion, wished that I had stayed with Snow Leopard. Not considering the amount of change in the OS is minimal. Every year is a pretty standard thing for Apple now. MS takes it all right up front. Neither of which i mind too much, its just different on one side then the other. Lion has some performance issues and hopefully will be fixed in MT Lion. Also, closer integration with iOS is not a bad thing.

Be sure to check the currently known system requirements as OS X Apple has a habit of quickly obsoleting end user investments in hardware and […]. Yeah, my machine is pushing 6 years old but it cost a small fortune, runs great and is still fast. This article is wrong. ALL MacPros are currently supported. Hey Jason, if you have any information about it running on a Mac Pro without swapping out kext files, please send it to us osxdailycom gmail. Therefore, your statements are without value…. This is the best way to upgrade an OS anyway.

To get the best and more reliable experience. Hi Jason, How exactly would I go about doing a fresh install? Please explain in more detail! Thank you! Dammit, I have the 64 bit Intel Mac Pro that came out before the model, still running great, am planning on using it for another several years. Obviously a very capable machine. A bit disappointing if Mountain Lion and future updates wont run on it..

A shame if Apple makes an effort to not support the hardware to push new sales. I wondered about this. The Mac Pro is bit machine and the original model is still very popular. I wonder if it would be good enough to upgrade the graphics card or if they will just force them out with a firmware requirement. This is the minimum requirements off of apple. In short, it will probably run Mountain Lion, but may require a graphics card upgrade.

ML betas include an EFI32 kernel, and some of the supported Macs do not run the bit kernel anyways. Is lion compatible with a on up iMac, or what is the earliest year that it would be compatible for? Mountain Lion does not support this machine because the kernel is 32bit. Too bad. I have the same problem. Off, that it runs Windows dine, so more than capable. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

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OS X Mountain Lion System Requirements

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