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In the properties bar tool makes creating HTML so much easier for the user. If a property within an existing web page changes in time the user is able to simply find and replace the certain element instead of scanning through all the pages. File manager is another incredibly useful tool keeping all files organised making it easy for the user to edit the web page. Now moving off to the disappointing facts about Dreamweaver, the interface is extremely confusing this may take a new user a while to get the hang of it.

Simple elements like animation, code development etc. Dreamweaver all together takes an enormous amount of time to get used to, there's so many tools that must be used at different times during the creating process. Some codes in Dreamweaver are used in general purposes rather it designing a code for the specific purpose. There are some tabs I have never actually used before which I don't think is really necessary, too much information leaves the user overwhelmed.

Overall I am happy with Dreamweaver it is an awesome product that saves time and makes web development that much easier.

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Will not even run unless you rename root hard drive to Macintosh HD default. Far more sophisticated and and far simpler apps don't require this. Really horrible. Horrible programing.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

What kind of software requires you to rename your hard drive. Not Logic, not Final Cut. In fact no app that I have ever used or run across. Spry assets not in site folder? I will stick with my older version of GoLive, the pro version before Adobe got its filthy hands on it and ruined it. GoLive was and is far better that Dreamweaver. It works. Updated on Apr 30, Also, Adobe has the absolute worst tech support I have ever encountered. People who know nothing about computers reading off of prompt screens.

Beyond useless.

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Read replies 2. Don't have to rename root drive to "Mac.. Have installed on several times with no problems on root SSD drive with alternative name. This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. I dunno - I installed 8.

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I think this will be fine. Dreamweaver really is the best on the market - and I have also been with it from the start.

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After installing 8. App hands in beachball for a very long period of time.. If anyone wants to get ahold of me for system profile report and spin control sample. Dreamweaver is dreadful, unintuitive, not wysiwig at all, confusing, inconsistent, inefficient.

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  • Oh, hang on. That's HTML and web-browsers. Dreamweaver is brilliant, practical, useful, a work of art in wrestling the wild-animals of HTML into a unified creation. But even the best is annoying and at times almost unuseable. Comparing web-development packages with almost any other kind of software is an unfair comparison. I don't expect QuarkXpress or InDesign to offer me a fundamentally different layout if I choose to print on a different kind of paper, and I don't expect PowerPoint to parse my document differently depending on whether I project it with a Sanyo or a Sony.

    But this is exactly the environment in which web-development software moves.

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    • Essentially it's a free-lance interface for a rag-bag of code which has grown up over four generations and is implemented differently in different browsers. Now Dreamweaver has to cope with CSS, which is even less conistently implemented. Of course, you can chicken out and write your entire site in Flash and in Slices, but then you're really asking users to give you a miss. Ultimately, Dreamweaver is a toolkit. Some of the tools are mature and verging on perfection.

      Its support for layers and layout tables is excellent. Other tools - like adding HTML tags - are a bit variable. Some tools, like CSS support, are decidedly flakey. Do something clever, like CSS drop-down menus, and Dreamweaver looks at you blankly like it doesn't get the joke. Make customized pages for desktop, tablets and phones quickly and efficiently. Website builder Build beautiful, custom websites with versatile apps made for web design and app development. Create your website quickly and easily with a website builder.

      Adobe Dreamweaver free trial. Seven-day trial. Start your free trial. Also included with your Adobe Creative Cloud membership:. Browse hundreds of video tutorials for every skill level. Hi, I am just a newbie in the world of html and php programming language and still want to discover more because this is my field of interest. Go To Solution. Did you try to download from CNET? Old Apps is another great site to download the required tool.

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