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Intuitive new toolbar on the left side of the traditional Gmail interface provides quick access to all G Suite applications and documents. Even restore the windows you had open on restart. Plus it works seamlessly across all your accounts. Open documents in their own windows so you can multi-task like never before using documents across applications and accounts. Kiwi enables people with large screens and multiple monitors to use G Suite apps in a more intense, business-focused way.

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One of the great things about Gmail are third-party plugins. We just added support for Boomerang, our users' most requested plugin, and will be adding more in the future.

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Gmail's important flags are unique. Watch us use them to filter the noise of email, like no one else can. Hide email counts , badges , and notifications until tomorrow. You'll still get notifications from other apps - just not email. Focus, without cutting off the outside world. G Suite users get more than a fresh coat of pixels. They also get a massive productivity upgrade.

The integration with Google Apps is extremely slick. An extremely clever app. No longer will you have to rely on multiple Chrome tabs to access your favorite G Suite offerings on your Windows machine. Potentially the best desktop client for Gmail users Make s G Suite a contender for your default office tool. By moving G Suite out of the browser, users can increase their productivity. The ability to switch between a personal account and a paid G Suite account just by clicking a tab is worth the price of admission for me.

Transforms cloud-based G Suite applications into native desktop applications. Apps run in their own windows, providing users with something closer to Microsoft Office in look and feel. Kiwi for Gmail is simple and elegant in all the best ways. It's also fast, reliable and a Gmail user's dream. It is awesome! I have tried Kiwi for Gmail lite version for the last month and today I just bought the full version.

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Kiwi is a fantastic desktop experience for Gmail, and offers the most True-to-Google experience available on the Mac. I'm SO excited and happy with the results and I've been telling all my friends. I love, love, love this app!

The Kiwi for Gmail app offers a pure Gmail experience from the comfort and convenience of your desktop. Kiwi only does Gmail, and it does it well. Using Kiwi, you'll be able to access many of the features you've already come to know and love. NerdOut Cheers GreatApps. With support for multiple email accounts, notifications, Hangouts, Google Drive attachments, it comes pretty darn close to feeling like a native app from Google itself. I've been on the lookout for an app that would bring Gmail to my desktop in the same way that Outlook has done for more than a decade.

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Working with email is a pleasure, and combines all the great elements of Gmail on my desktop. I really love KiwiforGmail -- a full-featured Gmail app for the Mac. Invaluable in helping me launch orglyapp. They have delivered in exceptional ways Everything is easily presented and integrated into the app. KiwiforGmail awesome gmail app! Only thing preventing me fully switching is the lack of sidekick and other extensions.

Kiwi for Gmail has easily become my go-to-place for communication. It's spreading throughout our organization, and has become the primary app we recommend. If you use Gmail with Mac, KiwiforGmail is the way to go! Finally, a reliable client. Kiwi for Gmail brings Gmail right to your desktop and gives you a great way to access the popular email service from your Mac. If you would rather have a great desktop client for Gmail, KiwiforGmail may be perfect for you!

The app supports Gmail's familiar web interface, and adds many Mac-specific features to it, including a handy quick-access menu that can be called upon at any time.

Highly recommend KiwiforGmail, a Gmail app for the Mac. It's a powerful tool that can spread the heavy load of a busy inbox across your entire team. Canary Mail is an email client for the security-conscious individual due to its support for end-to-end encryption using PGP. With encryption enabled, nobody aside from the intended recipient is able to read your message—not even your email provider.

Encryption can be enabled with a single click while composing your message. In addition to privacy features, Canary offers a range of tools to improve your productivity. This includes the Focused Inbox, where Canary learns which emails are important to you and hides the rest with one click on the Focused tab at the top of the window. You can also search your mailboxes using natural language processing think: "photos from Dad last month" to find things quickly. There are a host of other useful features that elevate Canary beyond its security-focused roots.

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You can track your emails to find out if they've been read, snooze incoming messages for later perusal, and unsubscribe from newsletters by clicking the thumbs down icon at the top of the message. Canary is suitable for use with Gmail, iCloud, Office , Yahoo! Mail, and IMAP accounts. Unibox describes itself as a "people-centric" mail client, something it achieves by grouping your messages by sender in reverse chronological order. Instead of seeing your inbox as a list of messages and subject headings, Unibox shows you a list of recent correspondents and the number of unread messages within each conversation.

The app presents everything—including email composition—in a single window view. Respond to an email, and a compose box will slide into view, providing just enough room to type your response and still read the original email thread.

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This simplicity in design is seen throughout the app, from truncated message threads to the ability to view all files exchanged between yourself and another contact by toggling either of the attachment views at the top of a thread. It's not possible to view your inbox like a standard inbox in Unibox. There's nowhere to view all of your outstanding drafts either you'll need to find the contact, then open the editor to view them. This is a radical conversational approach to email, and assuming your own email habits are compatible, it works.

Also available on SetApp. If you have an Office subscription, you're already paying for Microsoft Outlook. That should be reason enough to give Microsoft's full-fat email client a go, since it works with Microsoft accounts, Gmail, iCloud, and Yahoo! Outlook maintains the same familiar design that hasn't changed much over the last decade, which is why it may feel a bit stagnant in the UI department.

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There are many new features to get stuck into though. Focused Inbox is one such trick: It separates your inbox into two tabs, placing all the email that Outlook perceives as important on the Focused tab. Twitter-like mentions let you tag people, with Outlook automatically adding their email addresses in the "To:" field, which can come in handy if you're often adding coworkers to emails. You can even use customizable two-finger swipes to cut through your email. Like most Microsoft Office-branded products, Outlook includes excellent support for mail templates.

Use Microsoft's included templates or design your own so you can roll them out time and time again. And many of the modern email features that have emerged over the past few years haven't escaped Microsoft's gaze either: follow-up reminders, delayed sending, email scheduling, and support for SVG graphics, to name a few.